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Privacy Statement

Clean Canvas takes the protection of all client data seriously. We have thoroughly reviewed our data handling and processing policies and are confident we handle and process all data in a secure manner.

We undertake an annual review of all the data we hold, remove unneeded information, review our internal processes and ensure we’re using up to date tools to maximise the security of any stored data.

What we collect

Email newsletter subscriptions, via CleanThemes.co.uk website

We ask for your email address when you signup to our newsletter service. This is our mechanism to identify you for communication purposes. If you would like to be permanently removed from our mailing list, you can unsubscribe here.

Support requests and enquiries, via CleanThemes.co.uk website and via email / telephone

We ask for certain information when you request support for any of our products - the information we request for Shopify Theme support can be viewed here.

The data you supply is solely for use in communications between yourself and our support team, via direct email, and is not shared in any other way. We will never use your support request information for marketing purposes of any kind.

Once a case and / or your questions has/have been resolved, it is archived for reference to support future communications from yourself.

You can request to see all correspondence at any time by simply emailing us at support@cleanthemes.co.uk.

If you wish all your data and past correspondence to be removed, you can make a request by simply emailing us at support@cleanthemes.co.uk.

Your privacy

Clean Canvas will

  • only process your Personal Data to provide support Services or newsletter subscription services
  • comply with applicable laws or regulatory requirement
  • ensure that any person with access to or processing Personal Data is subject to a duty of confidence
  • take appropriate technical and organisational security measures to ensure the security of processing, and protect the Personal Data from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised access or disclosure or unlawful processing
  • assist in providing subject access and allowing data subjects to exercise their rights under the GDPR
  • provide mechanisms for individuals to request their Personal Data at any time, and to delete all Personal Data upon request

Viewing your data

For Shopify sites, to request to view the Personal Data we hold for yourself, please contact:

For all Clean Canvas communications, please email us at hello@cleancanvas.co.uk to request information about the data we hold.

Removing your data

To request removal of all your communications and personal data:

Unsubscribing from our mailing list

Click here to unsubscribe


We've undertaken a full review of the legislation and made some additional disclosures in our Privacy statement on this page.

Why we request certain information about you

We hold email addresses for communication through email newsletters. We hold information detailing questions for supporting our products - these are direct messages that are sometimes shared with other email addresses in order to help resolve support requests.

Where is your data stored?

Support data for websites and Clean Themes (Shopify themes and apps)

Your support data, including ticket contents and all fields completed in our contact form is stored in the Zendesk cloud platform. You can read more about how your data is secured on the Zendesk policies pages. Your data is not used, sold or shared in any way by Zendesk, other than for Clean Themes direct communications, in order to answer questions about our products.

Data hosting is covered here. The section 'Zendesk support' is the only applicable information.

If you contact us by email or telephone for product support or information, we will need basic information in order to communicate our responses with you. This data is never used for marketing purposes, and not shared outside of Clean Canvas with any third parties, unless you've explicitly instructed us to do so.

Newsletter data

Your email address, which you might provide in order to receive our occasional marketing / informational emails, is handled by both Shopify and our 3rd party application Mailchimp.

This data is not shared with or used by anyone other than Clean Canvas Ltd.

How we use your data 

We collect data for two purposes:

  1. Support for our products, via direct email communications between our support team and yourself. We may very occasionally get in touch with you should we need to inform you of critical or important product updates. 
  2. Email communications, through newsletter subscription, with your consent.

Your rights to the data we hold

We can send you all your data we currently hold, at your request. We can also tell you why and how we use your date. We will fully disclose this information once we have taken security steps to determine you are the legally entitled owner of the data we hold.

Is Data encrypted?

Shopify support data is transferred to Zendesk using HTTPS and stored at rest using Transparent Data Encryption. For other communications, data is stored on our internal systems address books.

How do we delete data?

Your right to be forgotten

We will delete individual users and all their data on request. These delete requests are non recoverable. For newsletter subscriptions, you can request to be removed by emailing us at remove@cleancanvas.co.uk or by using the unsubscribe link on one of our email communications.

All support communications between Clean Canvas and individuals can permanently deleted at your request.

We will notify everyone of a data breach, with 72 hours of first becoming aware of such breach.

    Clean Themes is a department within the Clean Canvas Ltd. organisation. Our address is Aurum House, Mint Street, Godalming, GU7 1HE.

    Nothing within this policy relieves Clean Canvas or Clean Themes of its own direct responsibilities and liabilities under the GDPR.

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