Billy goes to the Moon

Clean Canvas dabbles in the difficult World of Children's Book Publishing

What's involved

Clean Canvas have had a stab at doing a Children's Book. Billy goes to the Moon.

32 pages of fun, friendship and adventure all go into this book. We did all the illustrations and wrote the story. Hopefully if we can get some interest from a publisher you never know, Waterstones may have these on their shelves this time next year. We even did all the Point of Sale. Slightly mad we know but it might help in our Publisher Pitch. Our second book "Billy and the Magic Chest" is in the pipeline. It's a long old process and of course doing it for ourselves makes it harder than usual. Our kids will hopefully be inspired to read more!

You can actually buy a copy, beautifully printed and bound from Blurb, delivered straight to your door. Launch the site above and have a look!

Let's make something awesome together.