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Theme spotlight: Showcase

Since it's launch, we've seen Showcase put to some extraordinary uses. Here, we explore a few of our favourites.

Suzie Swift
December 17, 2019

Our Showcase theme was first released in 15 August 2014. Since then it has been upgraded constantly to ensure compatibility with device and browser updates, and received a major facelift at the start of 2017 with the release of Shopify sections in the theme editor.

Since then, we've seen the theme put to some extraordinary uses. Here are a few of our best Shopify theme favourites:



Describing itself as "a collaboration between three surfers that understand the relationship between a wetsuit & its owner", NCHE keeps the lifestyle front and centre with engaging, dynamic content consuming the homepage with full screen images and video before the imagery breaks into a packed and energetic Instagram feed. Every linkable element connects the visitor to the entire product catalogue. There are no separate slides linked to separate collections, there's just you - the shopper - and the opportunity to buy into the surfer's carefree way of life.

Study of Colour


From name to execution, this store wears its heart on its sleeve. Vibrant, engaging images, the bold, repeating impact of a monospace font and simple messaging echo from the top of the homepage to the end of the products themselves. This store explores identity and expression of the inner self in every part of its execution.

April and the Bear


Normally, we don't advocate for tweaking your theme before you've even started selling, however we love both the simplicity and the effect of the added paint wipe behind the headers on this store. Immediately creating a unique sense of identity for itself, this is a great example of a simple, cheap modification that has a clear purpose. Coupled with clear product images and lifestyle photos, shot through with flashes of creativity, humour and altered persectives, this is a store all about personality.



ULTRAOLIVE presents an alternative take: a single image, single product homepage collage, packed with too-cool lifestyle imagery and probing calls to action for the user to get involved and get shopping. From the homepage alone, you might never realise the store offers other types of products: This is full focus on a new release which, when coupled with targeted advertising on other channels, can produce exceptional results.

Priti Band


A brilliant combination of beautifully shot imagery and reserved colours still let the desaturated photos pop. Consistent and on-brand throughout, every part of the store from photos to text presents itself clearly and consistently - there's no confusion about what sort of store you're viewing here.



Understanding the full screen title slideshow on the theme's homepage can present its own challenge - Seeing it done right is always a special pleasure. The uniqueness in execution here is just how closely the slide photos walk the line. Losing part of your model in the cropping process is inevitable, but the understanding of positioning the product, not the model to the central space allows for some shots on some devices to be cropped absolutely to the wire, with - on desktop or laptop screens - just the model's eyes left in view, allowing for no doubt as to the focus of the images without losing the lifestyle aspect of images.

Aito Studios


AITO Studios creates an incredibly minimalist, product only homepage spread. Opening with a bold, hypnotic video that gives way to clean, striking, 'in-use' product shots, this store understands the opportunities for space between high-quality images provided by the theme.

For more information and example stores on our Showcase theme, visit the Shopify theme store.

Important note:

Some of these stores may have customised elements not highlighted in the text. If you are considering our Showcase theme for your store because of a particular item you see here, please be sure to preview the theme for free before committing to a purchase from Shopify and reach out to our support team if needed. We are not able to regularly monitor all stores featured in this list, some may have stopped using our theme or added substantial customisations since this article was written.

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