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The core competence of the Shopify part of our business is designing and supporting our themes. We're here to help. We created a support site to help you to get to the answers you need as quickly as possible. If you can't find what you are looking for, then you can also email our support desk.

We're very happy to explain how our themes work so that you can build the best store possible. We occasionally provide simple code and CSS changes which you can implement yourself via email, but our free support is limited to assistance with the theme as provided. We are unable to help with custom features or apps.

Upgrading your theme

We update our themes to cater for changes in technology, to add new theme features, support Shopify features as they are released, and to fix the occasional bug. The themes are available as a free download for previous purchasers. You'll need to copy all your settings over to the new one, including any custom code. 

This article explains the process. 

Themes are available as a FREE download for previous purchasers for the same store for which the theme was originally bought and installed. It is possible to transfer a theme to a new store, providing the original store is permanently closed down. Contact Shopify for more more information on this process, as this isn't something we are able to assist with.

Please note that we do not sell our themes directly, they are only available for purchase at themes.shopify.com. We do not send theme files directly, as you are able to download the latest version at any time from the same theme store.

Please note, we reserve the right to withdraw a theme, or to make changes to existing themes to support Shopify enhancements, which whilst infrequent, are critical to the advancement of a large e-commerce platform.

Code changes

The ability to change and update your store front easily is part of what makes the Shopify platform so appealing! Our professionally designed themes include comprehensive theme settings allowing you to transform your online shop window as often as you like. 

It is possible for those with coding experience to go beyond the built in options and make further code changes to the theme. The Shopify discussion forums and online support guides can help you to do this, but please don't rely on these as step by step guides. Our premium themes have been built by experienced Shopify developers and often include additional features and more advanced coding.

The support team can provide help with theme settings and anything included in the original theme. However, we are not able to help with custom coding changes as part of our free support. Should you wish to change your theme code, there are lots of experienced Shopify developers available for hire.

Take a backup!

Remember, if you do wish to change theme code there are several ways to ensure you still have a copy of your original code as a backup. Shopify provides version control on Template, Section, Snippet and Layout files. You can also export the theme or make a duplicate copy. Previous purchasers of the theme can download the latest version of the theme code from the theme store for free as long as they use the same Shopify account. This Shopify article explains the process.

3rd party app support

Shopify apps are awesome, and a major reason the Shopify platform is so successful.

Instead of employing a bloated interface, packed with add-ons you'd never use, Shopify provide a lean, robust store system where you simply add the components you need, nothing else.

Shopify apps are complicated, and are developed by experts in their respective fields. It is an app developer's responsibility to support their own code and to help customers install into themes, no matter who the themes are made by.

There are over 5000 apps, and many apps require updating on a regular basis; it would be impossible for us to test all apps work with our themes, as updates are frequent and not publicised.

We do not offer free support for third party code or apps. We also do not test that apps work with our themes, it is the app developer's responsibility to help install their application and code into a theme.

If an app breaks or affects the way your theme works, your first point of contact is the app developer - they should be able to help you get things working, and they are always welcome to contact us directly if they have questions about our theme code.

Have fun with apps, many of them save lots of store management time, and many really help conversions; remember to not add apps 'because you can'! Grab the apps you need, and keep your store lean and productive :)


Shopify don't offer theme refunds and nor do we. 

You can trial our themes and apps in full before you make a purchase - please make sure the theme is right for your business by taking advantage of the free trial available for all themes, before you take the plunge!

If you get a copy of the theme you are licensed to use it for one store only.

Please see the Shopify terms and conditions for full details: http://www.shopify.com/legal/terms