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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does it work with Brooklyn's collage layout?

Yes, but it will show the ads between rows, as opposed to fitting inside each row.

Can I upload my own backgrounds?

You can upload a complete designed advert to use in any collection pages - head over to 'My Adverts' and hit the 'Upload' button.

My adverts appear in an odd position, why is that?

Some themes have what is termed a 'masonry layout'. Our adverts are slotted into position amongst the product pictures, and in a masonry layout, product images can get reordered, to fit into the screen like a jigsaw, so position accuracy is not controllable.

Can I change the fonts?

Our designers chose fonts that best suited each advert, hopefully there are enough advert choices for you to choose from :)

AdQuick Shopify App - link to app store

How it works

How it works - Shopify AdQuick app

Click ‘My adverts’ to download your designs for use on social media, your home page, or other pages on your store. You can also edit copies of your saved adverts to make minor changes with the same design.


Manage your adverts by selecting the collections you want them shown, and which position amongst your product thumbnails they should be inserted. You can temporarily hide adverts on a one-by-one basis (simply un-check the 'Enabled' box), change their positions and collections, or remove them from this page altogether.

The 'Show beyond first page' option forces an advert to show on every page in a collection, rather than just the first page, ideal for 'Free delivery', or '10% off everything' type adverts.

Removing AdQuick!

Aw, we're sorry to see you go!

If there was something you couldn't work out, or a feature you wish was included, drop us a line and we'll see if we can help before you decide to move on!
How AdQuick integrates

AdQuick integrates with your store in two ways:

  1. Script tag - this inserts the ad into your collection pages
  2. Theme code - collection page theme code is updated, and a snippet added, to hide 'orphans' at the bottom of collections

To explain the theme code further:If you have 6 rows of products showing in 4 columns, you would normally have 24 products showing per page. If you set up one ad to show on the first page of this collection, the updated theme code will only show 23 products on this page - leaving room for the ad.

This allows a theme with a grid layout to fill the page correctly.

Removal, if you really don't want AdQuick anymore!

When you remove the app from your store's apps list, the script tag is automatically removed by Shopify. The theme code changes, however, are not.

Your pages won't break, but they may show a smaller number of products on them than you would like.

We recommend using the app's built-in theme code remover before uninstalling the app from your store.

To do this, go into the app's settings page (go into the app and click the gear icon in the top-right) - under 'Theme installation' click 'Remove from theme'. After doing this, you can remove the app from the app list, and your store should behave as it did before the app was installed.

If you have already removed the app

There is another way to quickly disable the app's theme code. It involves a tiny change to a code snippet in the theme.

To make this change, you'll need to:

  • go to your Themes page, click Actions, then Edit code
  • open up the file: Snippets / adquick-pagination.liquid

The snippet should look like this:

On line 6 you can see this code:

{% assign alter_pagination = true %}

Change the true to false
That line should now look like this:

{% assign alter_pagination = false %}

Save the file, and you're done!

Open up a collection page on your store now to verify that everything looks OK.

Note that you should leave this snippet in there. Leaving it won't adversely affect your store or slow anything down, as this snippet will no longer be actively doing anything. It is a lot simpler to leave this code in there than try to remove it - as other apps and customisations may already be layered on top of it.

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Support hours

We're available 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM GMT, Monday through Friday (except public holidays). We do our best to respond to each request with a personalized reply within 24 business hours. We do not provide telephone email support.

Learn more about our free support scope on our support level page.

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Our support includes:

  • Questions regarding theme settings
  • Help with theme features
  • Theme configuration
  • Bug fixes

Our support does not include:

  • Changes to our original code: 
    we recommend TaskHusky
  • Third-party app problems & integration
  • Theme updates and installations

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