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Frequently asked questions

How do I get the latest theme version to see new features?

Previous purchasers can get a FREE download of the latest theme version for the same store for which it was bought. This Shopify article explains more. 

Version 5 (released May 2019) includes additional features such as a logo and testimonials row, a live search and new ways to display and link to your collections.

What page templates are included with the theme?

In addition to the standard page template, the theme also includes a contact page template, a story page template and a collections listing page template.

Does the theme support swatches'?

Yes, the latest versions of the theme supports color swatches, either using html color codes or your own files.  Find out more in our swatches guide.

Does the theme include a sidebar?

Yes, the theme includes 3 different optional sidebars on the homepage, blog pages, and  article pages.

Can I add testimonials?

Yes, theme versions after version 5 (May 2019) include the option to show testimonials on the home page and sidebar.

How can I format my blog and article pages?

Create a short extract or summary of your blog post by clicking on the 'Add Excerpt' link below your blog post content. There's a sidebar too.

How do I make my slideshow images smaller?

Our images will always scale horizontally to fill the width of your site, but you can alter the amount of screen your slideshow occupies by adjusting the relative height of your images. 

A portrait or square image results in a really tall slideshow. A thin letterbox image creates a compact slideshow. Don't forget to make your image sizes consistent across all the slides!

The theme also includes a companion content option which can be shown next to the banner slideshow at the top of the home page.

Does the theme support Shopify product recommendations?

Yes, this feature is available in the latest theme versions

Can I add other fonts?

Yes, but you will need to hire a developer to add other typefaces to your store.

Can I display multiple currencies?

Yes, the currencies displayed can be specified in your theme settings. When using apps be sure to check there's no impact on your currency display.

Does the theme include a newsletter pop-up or image zoom?

Both of these can easily be achieved with apps, there are plenty of completely free options for pop-ups, and inexpensive zoom apps. The advantage of an app is that it's constantly updated, will be whereas anything we included natively in the theme would become out of date over time:

Image Zoom Apps             Pop-up Window Apps

My product images are different shapes, how can I make them appear more uniform?

The theme includes the option to add a background color and border for your product images to make them appear a consistent shape on your collection pages.

Does the theme have a quick buy from the collections page?

The latest version of the theme does not include a quick buy from the collections page. Previous versions included the option for a quick buy for single variant products.

I can't generate my Instagram token

Please could you try again here - using an "incognito window" or a different browser.

General theme settings


  • Choose your variant and product label style
  • Choose how you'd like to highlight sale prices - showing the percentage discount or amount.
  • Choose whether to show a second image on hover for your products

Enable swatches in your store and then type the option name for your color variants e.g. Color, Pattern, Couleur, Farbe. The option name must match the option name used in your products.

Swatch theme settings

Next, choose your swatch source to be either html colors (default) or uploaded images.

html color method

1. Go to a product in your Admin and ensure each of your color variants has an exact name from this list.

2. Your swatch colors will then be shown automatically.

Uploaded Images method

1. Create a small png file for each color. (40px x 40px is a good size.)

The name of the png file must match the "handle-ized" version of the variant name.

  • Use only lowercase letters
  • Replace any spaces with a dash
  • Remove any special characters


  • "Coral Red" would require a file named "coral-red.png"
  • "Waldgrün" would require a file named "waldgrun.png"
  • "Blue-green" would require a file named "blue-green.png"

2. Go to the store files (Admin > Settings > Files) and upload your swatch image files. 

3. The swatch colors from your files will be shown

Swatches are available in the Expression theme after version 5.


Decide what happens after your customers add a product to your cart. To remain on the current page, activate this option. 

Theme styles

The Expression theme is available in 4 styles - InnovateOxfordNaturale and Ocean. These demo stores aim to illustrate the variety of looks possible with the theme. Choose your theme style in the Theme Settings tab. The style settings will affect cross store elements such as your fonts, cart behavior and social media icons. 

Applying a theme style will overwrite any existing settings in your Theme Settings tab. Your section specific settings won't be affected. More information about theme styles can be found in this Shopify article.

Header section


The theme supports nested navigation but also includes some additional navigation options:

  • Add a quick link to the top left of your store
  • Promote items and collections from your search by adding in links in either a vertical or horizontal layout

Announcement bar

Add an announcement bar at the top of your Expression Shopify theme site, to promote your latest offers - add a link to a specific product or offer page, and choose a color for the bar.

Footer section

The theme includes both a primary (column) and secondary (horizontal) footer menu.

Payment icons

Payment icons are pulled directly from Shopify based on your payment settings.

Additional text

Footer text such as "Powered by Shopify" and "Theme by Clean Canvas" can be edited in the Language Editor

Home page sections

To see the full list of home page section types simply click on Add Section on your store home page.

Home page sections can be added, hidden or re-arranged to best fit your store. Choose to show blog posts, products, collections, images, text, videos, slideshows, a map, your Instagram feed on your homepage in any order you like.

Banner section

You can display a full-width slideshow (see Innovate), or a reduced width slideshow plus a single, still image with overlay text (see Oxford) which we've called companion content.


The Expression theme has the option for a sidebar on left hand side of the homepage. If the sidebar is not selected, home page content will expand automatically to fill the space.

Choose to add images, text, pages, blog posts, collections or testimonials.  Sidebar content will display above the other homepage sections on mobile so could be a great way to advertise new collections or promotions. Each individual sidebar block can be shown or hidden on mobile.

Note: the home page sidebar is completely separate from the one that appears on your blog and blog post / article pages.

Other page sections

These sections are shown based on the page you are currently viewing in the theme editor.

Product pages

You can display your variants either in a list, or as a drop down, and select your preferred position for product thumbnails and description. You can also choose whether to show a quantity input.

Collection pages

Set the number of products per row and per page and choose from a variety of layout options to suit your collection featured images and collection description content.

The theme includes two custom tag filters to allow customers to refine their search further.

Blog pages

Blog pages can show a sidebar on the right hand side. Add content such as blog articles, images, text, customer testimonials or link to your collections.

Sidebar content can be hidden or displayed on mobile devices on a block by block basis. When shown, it will be positioned just above the footer on mobile.

Blog post tags can be used to filter the articles shown. These will be displayed in the sidebar (if used) or at the top of the blog page.

Tip: Don't forget to create article excerpts
The sidebar settings will be the same for all blog pages. It's not possible to choose different sidebar content for different blogs. The homepage sidebar and blog post / article sidebars are completely separate.

Blog posts

The blog post or "article" pages also include the option for another sidebar on the right hand side.

As with the blog page and home page sidebars, you can choose which content to add and which is shown on mobile devices.

It's not possible to choose different sidebar content for different blog articles. The homepage sidebar and blog sidebars are completely separate.

Cart page

Enable cart notes to add a box to your cart page where customers can enter order notes.

If the cart is empty, you can select to show some featured products by choosing a collection to encourage your customers to keep browsing your store.

Advanced features and tips


The latest versions of the theme include three sidebars - one for the home page, one for blog pages and one for blog posts/articles.

There's no space to show the sidebar at the side on smaller screens so we've included settings to show (or hide) Individual blocks of content in the sidebar for mobiles. Home page sidebar content is shown above other home page sections - great for promotions. Blog post and blog sidebar content is shown below the page content.

Earlier theme versions (prior to May 2019) include two sidebars.

Collection lists

The theme includes a variety of ways to list your collections - the "Mini" collection list, "Row" layout and "Grid" layout.

Featured collection images will be cropped in different ways dependent on the situation and screen size - below are some examples to help you to make the most of these layouts.

Mini collection list - used in all 3 sidebars, the mobile menu and as a section on the home page

The collection featured image will be used, or if the collection doesn't have a featured image the theme will pull in the first product image from the collection. Images are cropped centrally but the amount of the image shown varies based on the layout. Choose images with a central focal point or where there is meaningful content in the center of the image for best results. To choose your preferred crop shape, please go to Theme Settings > Layout > Image Shape. Choose a natural fit, portrait crop, square crop or landscape crop (shown below).

Mobile & desktop sidebar layout, and tablet sidebar layout
Row layout - used on the collections listing page or on your collections page

The row layout on the collections listing page shows one collection per row. Choose to crop the image - top, center, bottom or show the full image. A central focal point will ensure the key content of your image is shown on large or smaller screens.

On a collection page, the featured collection image can be shown in full or cropped. If your featured image is square or portrait in shape and the crop isn't looking good, then you can choose not to show the collection featured image at all. Remember, it's always possible to add an image (and text) into your collection description instead.

Collection listing page - row layout - center crop
Collection listing page - row layout - center crop

Mobile collection listing page - row layout - center crop
Collection listing page - row layout - center crop
Grid layout - used as a section on the home page or on your collections listing page

The grid layout shows 3 images - the collection featured image and first two products in the collection. The large image will be either your featured collection image or, as this may not always be suitable (particularly if you are using it on a standard collections page), you can add an alternative image in the theme settings.

When the grid layout is used on the home page, there's also an extra option to add a subheading under the collection name.

Grid layout
Grid layout

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Learn more about our free support scope on our support level page.

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