Fresh new ideas.

Our objective is simple.

To create designs that speak with authority, honesty and clarity. We think anything worth designing is worth designing well. We believe that inside every brand is a message that people want to hear. Our job is to make that message sing.

We’re a multi-talented team working closely with clients to create fresh new ideas, to help develop and rejuvenate brands. We produce work for clients both big and small, locally and internationally.

We believe in relationships, with our clients and their brands. We see image making, photography, illustration, website design and development as core tools for telling a story and have in-house resources allocated to delivering all of these with a clear, single voice.



The youngest of three enviously creative brothers, John is so excitable that we have to be careful he doesn’t wee all over the office. Faced with designing anything, John grasps the opportunity like a squirrel tending the last nut in the forest. Although having travelled much of the planet before reaching 30, he still only speaks one language: with gesticulation and visual cues however, he’s able to communicate anything to anyone.


Designer and Illustrator

With a million years (+/-) of creativity in the advertising playground, Jim has an extraordinary talent for giving birth to something beautiful. Jim has a warmth that would make a kangaroos pouch green with envy – challenge him to anything visual, and armed with pen or mouse, watch the hot visual magic unfold. Partial to 18 holes with a bag of metal bats, but not if it’s wet. Or cold. Or expensive.


Web Juggler

Equally at home with nibble size and behemoth web projects, Kevin’s passion for digital media is frighteningly unhealthy. Straight talking, whilst hiding his ‘geek’ behind a mask of experimental facial hair, Kevin delivers exactly what you’re after. You’ll actually understand what you finally get too. A wannabe luthier, he owns a fine collection of un-playable stringed instruments.



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Support Guru

Suzie eats data for breakfast, and eyeballs Shopify sites in her sleep. Embracing every challenge with enthusiasm she aims to make sure that anything that leaves the building is present and correct. When not digging into support issues, Suzie is happiest digging in the garden trying to coax plants and children to grow.



A developer who is so at home with Ruby on Rails projects, we now call him Robby Rails. Rob also enjoys going where the rest of us fear to tread; Internet explorer (and other dumb browsers) compatibility and the dreaded HTML emails. In true developer style he wears an extraordinary amount of jumpers in extremely warm weather.



Design, music and avocados run in tandem with Jem. When she’s not designing beautiful digital experiences, you’ll find her on the keys, swimming, or telling 'unique' stories over a glass of red. So if it’s a gorgeous website you are after, or someone to play at your wedding, you’re in the right place. Oh and if you need tips on where to catch the best sunset on the Isle of Man, Jem is your girl.



Fully versed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript Katie is involved in taking design/concepts through to quality code that works across a range of platforms. Katie is a proud Shopify expert, helping develop new and support current themes. When she is not developing, you'll find Katie digging in her allotment dancing to Led Zeppelin with a cider in hand, or light painting at festivals.



An acoustic folk-funk-noodler, Stephen plays cricket, both in his sleep and on the pitch. He owns a massive dog, fondly yelled at as 'ROOBZ", and is constantly at the vets having car parts and valuables extracted from his canine's stomach. When it comes to graphic design, it's a tough ask to find better. He is also very, very tall.

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