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Bringing the active back

  • Client
  • Scope
    Ecommerce, Design, Development, Shopify Plus
  • Duration
    24 weeks

howies is a small active clothing company based in the wilds of west Wales. They're committed to producing high quality, long lasting items and doing business in environmentally and ethically correct ways.

howies is a small dedicated team whose focus on making high quality, low impact clothing for running cycling and the outdoors, as well as easy to wear stuff for everyday. Their old Magento set-up distracted time away from what they are good at , and they wanted a bespoke shopping experience that reflected the product & brand experience they have created so far.

Opting for Shopify Plus helped them transition to Shopify, and will enable them to automate certain tasks to speed up workflow. The design decisions were fairly simple. We wanted to showcase howies great photography and brand stories, through simple type and large image areas for maximum impact. The key was to stay loyal to the brand and howies following, and provide a great online shopping experience.

We are howies, a small active clothing company based in West Wales. We make men’s and women’s clothing for the sports we love – biking, running and the outdoors, as well as for our day to day lives.”

Ruben Lightfoot

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